Thursday´s letter – 11.10.2016 – Breathe out

Namasté friend,

so the elections for US president are behind us. We can breathe out all the stress related to that very long marathon of two candidates. Need to say i am happy it´s over now, whoever won.

I picked up the card from Groznjan mystery deck to know little bit more about Trump and his new role. I was quite suprised by good karma overview. Let me explain it.

The karmic vertex The Crutch described his fire speeches as the consequence of those, who are creating this karmic vertex. Every single one karmic vertex has it´s own origin. And origin of this one is in fire speeches. But what´s more interesting is the fact of negative side of this karmic vertex. It sais, when negativly affect the people, then people want to take lot of responsibility on their shoulders. On the other hand, this karmic vertex is very friendly to those, who need some protection.

As the significant for the nation of US, it says, that nation can not enforce something. It can get only, what pertain to it naturally. A small stands against big. So the triump of Trump seems to be karmicly right. No matter what emotions it brings.

The basic question of this karmic vertex is: “ How strong is your faith? And that´s something, what won in this game of thrones…

Just time will show, what´s good in that. The crutch is telling us about future of US following:
„Your dreams will lead you – those dreams from field of phantasy, so the dream from field of deep unconsciousness in the state of dreaming.
Yours sincerely

Rajneesh Pranapati, reiki master teacher


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