Thursday´s letter – 12.1.2016 – Brush your hair, Queen

Namasté friend,

so it´s thursday again and time for me to write you a letter. It´s kind obligation for me, even it´s late in the night. It reminds me the days, when i was writing letters to my friends, when i was younger. I returned back to this ritual last week, when i started to write to my old pen-friend again. We know each other about 24 years now, so we have some history and let me say, that to keep going this kind of relationship is quite big deal.

There was a time, when i was unable to write, because my life was under heavy reconstruction and i remember that feeling to let go everything away. After many years – in these days – i see that someone can stop run something just because someone said so – someone, who did not know your life, your circumstances and maybe you changed your mind because of this opinion and you regret now.

So many things can happen. But don´t allow anyone to tell you, what to do – feel your own truth first and than ask for insight. You can make a clear decision right afterwards. And your natural law is to make a mistake.

So when i look back, it can be explained of me failing, but when i look back and explained for myself, it was something what proofed the essence of my friendship and it´s quality. I feel that friendship stronger than ever before.

And what´s your biggest mistake you ever made? Can you change a point of view NOW?

Yours sincerely

Rajneesh Pranapati, reiki master teacher

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