Thursday´s letter 10.13.2016 – Paying the debts

Namasté friend,

this month is for me the month, when i am paying literally all my debts. I am finishing all the possible projects, which were open for too long and there are some to go.

I´m planning to finish the teaching of Grozjan mystery to run the school properly next year and if not, to have complete information written in a book.

I finished Godess and Gods deck of cards and today it was going to be produced in theGameCrafter. I am awaiting all the test-products now.

I was paying the taxes. I´m paying general taxes once in a year and than 4 times in a year special taxes for my internetional bussines. Need to say, that some clients are still surprised that even the psychic, i need to pay taxes. It makes angry some of them.

It´s very interesting thing. I´ve lost regulary loads of clients from time i started to run this bussines, because they thought, it can´t work in this way. That i need to worship the tradition of gypsies.

But it helped me to realize how far i got. What a journey i undertook during the past years. I´m very grateful for all experiences, for everything i learnt.

To me begins the most active time of the year. October, november, december, january – these months i have lot of work, i´m working a lot. In october, usually, i am starting to prepare one year on-line classes for my czech clients. This year i´ve decided to produce A year with tarot. I am going to shoot more than 80 videos for this on-line class and than i need to puzzle it to functional product. So just this takes the enormous part of my energy. So i can´t relax in the end of the year, how you see. What you are going to shoot, you are going to write first… When you shoot it, you edit it, render it, upload it…

Just imagine, what you could change in your life. What it would be? Can you change it till the end of this year? Can you work on it? Take a deep breath. You can do it. You have unlimited power. Just connect to your Higher-Self and ask it for the energy for every single each step.

It has it´s own intelligence i see. When i ask for the energy, i know that lot of things i can do in well organized time. Than i need to forget all i organized, because i do not want to come mad. And than i do just one step after next. Once in a month i am doing the revision of whole plan. So once in a month i am doing the insight, checking out the bunch of energy and than i return to the project. I am listening to my body more…

So this is the way how i do. I will write you next week again!

Yours sincerely
Rajneesh Pranapati, reiki master teacher