Thursday´s letter 10.20.2016 – The stove and me

Namasté friend,

there was a great book by Betty McDonald The egg and I, which made me lauch every time i read it. Today i felt like her stove – she ever tried to make a fire in it, but it just made a smoke or whatever. I was not making smoke today, but i literally exploded like the stove.

It happened in this way.

I am living in the countryside. I do not have car. It takes me 30 minutes to get to train station or 90 minutes to bus station by my own. When i order something on-line, i am really depended on the mood of the delivery guys. I tried really every single delivery service but with no success. They even do not deliver or do not come to house, but what´s really ackward, that they do not ring, they just come, sit in the car and toot. When you live in a big house like me, you do not have chance to hear at least something.

But i was working. I supposed that someone else from house will take the package from the delivery guy, but it did not happen. Everyone left to town without saying me anything, even they promised me to help.

It´s really bad, in such a situation – not to have money, because only one ATM is 30 km away – not to hear tooting – and expecting super exciting package.

And i am going to Prague, when you receivce this letter, i am in Vodičkova street and counsel already. But when i am going to Prague, i need to finish everything before i left. And it did not happen this time and i exploded, that even after 8 hours of sleeping i stil do not have my voice back.


What does it mean? Even i, i´m not a saint. The ego is catching me all the time. The only way to the hell is to think, you are out of the influence of ego.

Therefore the good books are so important, because we can remember the great characters, we were laughing to, when something anticipated happened to them.

Yours sincerely

Rajneesh Pranapati, reiki master teacher