Thursday´s letter – 10.27.2016 – This week´s fever

Namasté friend,

so it´s thursday again and it´s time to send you a letter! I am starting to write this letter usually on tuesday evening and than i am waiting if anything else comes on my mind.

This week was really exhausting. As you maybe know, i was ill for some weeks but i tried to get healthy and when i felt better, i was going to Prague for my counsel hours, but! I returned back home in fevers. The life itself prepared for me as well the wonderfull blend of outter agression me to remember that even you feel sick, you need to fight, put boundaries in between you and those, who are actually behaving like nazi – with no moral attitues, just willing to make their true real.

I am asking myself – is this a sign for me to leave the place i am living in? Or is it a sign for someone else to do something with it. Sometimes we are caught in the webs of karmic bonds, everything is related in some way, everything is crossfading.

The last experience i had was kind of selfrealization that lack of insight can be just the result of being innocent. Innocence is not the same as to be naive, let me say.

I´ve experienced lot of things in my past, lot of karmic bonds were unveiled to me and it made me stay in wonder, how complicated the background of the situation can be. It helped me to create my attitude of self-reservence. Do not judge quickly the outter picture of it…

I walked the street in Prague and there was a guy holding a girl under her neck. From one point of view  there was a victim. From other there was protector of his own property. Where´s the true?

My clients experience lot of things in the face to the court. Sometimes i ask myself, how is it possible, that the truth is not winning sometimes in these procesess of the justice.

But there is always something behind… some energetic bounds… karmic bounds…

I can explain myself, why the house of my friends needed to burnt, why i needed to be attacked on the highway years ago, why i needed to have carcrash in the same place year later, why my parents divorced, in this way. Finally, that´s the goal – to find the answers for our questions.

And that´s it for this week. I am going to write you next thursday again.

I´m sending you lot´s of love
Yours sincerely

Rajneesh Pranapati, reiki master teacher
PS – Next inspiration drops in WHERETO are coming in the beginning of the new year, i suppose. Stay tuned!