Thursday´s letter – 10.6.2016 – Because it´s raining

Namasté friend,

so this week surprised me. The autumn came so quickly. From warm days we changed in to cold ones. And it´s raining a lot. The leaves on the trees, i am watching them from my window, turned in to different colors, yellow, red – some are falling down. It´s colder.

I am sittin in my psychic chamber and it´s quite cold in here. I started to cough and got cold. We made a fire in a house for a very first time in this season. So it´s not so cold inside now.

I´ve been working on my new deck of cards during the past week. I finished the Silk map finally, it´s not a deck, it´s a psychic board game, but in Czech. Sometimes i wish i have better news for you, that i started to create in English something. But probably i will never do.

One of my friend is telling me for many years, she would like to do angelic seminary, but she never did. She is just talking about it – and as well me – there are some themes i am repeating constatnly – i wish the time turn back and i could start to exercise again – but at least i get inspired by Ido these days, watching videos with him. Something touched my heart, when i forget his beauty.

But it´s like that, sometimes we need some kind of motivation – and sexual energy is the key energy for us – to live, to keep going. Everything is easier, when we let it flow. So Ido inspired me with his movement theory. I need to study it more and put it in to my daily routine.

For about half of the year, but who knows, time is so quick, i am doing something like deep squat, i´m sitting time to time in deep squat. I asked my sewer to make my throusers more comfortable, so i am wearing much more indian style of throusers to free myself from western obsessive locked clothes.

Next thing i am talking about too much is „writing in English“. If you see yourself talking too much about something – what you would love to do, but you can´t – just do something for it. Some small steps.

My writing in English is just the consequence of writer´s frustrastion. There is no real platform for writers in Czech like Amazon´s Create Space – but there you can publish in just few languages and Czech is not one of them. But who knows – maybe this limitation help me to start something new in my life.

Sometimes i do have so much inspiration that i do not have chance to create everything and it´s in queue. But this week i really need to be pride of myself, because i finished lot of my project. I finished as well my deck of cards called Star messages and Godess and Gods oracle decks.

I have lot of work in front of me – one of them is related to Groznjan mystery.
I´m going to Prague this month for consultation hours – need to say, i did not expect it, but it´s almost full. Maybe i need to work. Usually i make my stay in Prague little bit longer, because i want to enjoy the city as well.

I will write you more next thursday.

With deep love
Yours sincerely
Rajneesh Pranapati, reiki master teacher


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