Thursday´s letter – 11.03.2016 – Christmas

Namasté friend,

so it´s thursday again and it´s time to send you a letter! I just returned from a short walk. I´ve shooted the random vlog for you. Well – it was nice weather, i like the autumn – so why no to go for a short walk. When you read these lines, the vlog is on youtube channel. I mentioned something about the changes coming in 2017. True is, i already thought of it – and made a decision, which is not quite popular, but i see my youtube channel as the platform for my subscribers, so – i will not do the videos as the others – i will concentrate just on my subscribers, so it means – one tarotscope, one monthly reading and each week Healing Cardfall. And yes – what comes as the inspiration – appear as well there.

So it´s first time, when i am going to relax during the christmas time. I alraedy bought all the christmas presents – and christmas papers to pack it, too. I´ll tell you the secret. It was very easy decision, what to buy to everyone in my family. Well – yes – i ordered my stuff on Red Bubble, something for everyone. And it means that i do not need to leave the house! So i can just order it, it will be shipped to me, i will just pack it…

I called to my mamá and papá and i am so happy to know, where do i spend my christmas time.
For someone – something clear.

So you know i finished all the decks – but today i bought the ink and water colors for my very last project of this year – i am going to create TAROT deck.

Need to say, i made a meditation with Merlin and i got strong feeling that it´s matter of self-acceptance. When you accept your way, your life, your experiences, your pain, your joy – your simple life – than you can create anything. But the acceptance is the first essence.

I am going to rest whole next year i promise.
Have a beautiful autumn.

Yours sincerely

Rajneesh Pranapati, reiki master teacher