Thursday´s letter – 11.17.2016 – Pigs in to your garden!

Namasté {{df_salution}},

so  it must be that energy of absolute moment right here, right now, that the animals are coming to the garden, just afterwards – when i finished all my work. It happened repeatedly. I did not have the answer for a very long time – why is it happening? But i need to accept it´s the energy of peace i am creating with the silent work in the garden.

I was not in the garden many weeks, because i had flu – and there was no one else. Right after finishing autumn works in the garden, the pigs came and started to eat what they saw… therefore i was building up the wooden fence in the spring – because the goats and chickens were coming to the garden and eat everything what they saw.

They are in their half of the garden now, but this time – total strangres – came for a visit. Just fancy! They went silently around the house, entered the garden through the gate and went to the part of the garden, where i was working whole afternoon.

So they were invited by the Heaven i suppose. You can see them in here. Even i am speaking in Czech, you can understand what i am saying to them 🙂 But don´t be afraid, i am still gentleman!

So maybe you know it – that paradox. This time really confirmed by the Heaven. Anyway, in spiritual meaning, pigs are the strong sign of luck! So abundance is probably coming.

Than let me wish more pigs in your garden, too.
Yours sincerely

Rajneesh Pranapati, reiki master teacher


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