Thursday´s letter – 11.24.2016 – What a miracle

Namasté {{df_salution}},

this week i spent too much time with finding my eyewear. When i finished the shooting of the random vlog, where i told you about closing the youtube channel, i lost my eyewear. During the whole weekend i was walking in search of glasses. Where the heck are they? So i spent a weekend with the visitors watching them talking, asking them, if they can repeat what they are saying, because without my eyewear i am partly deaf. On sunday evening i was going to shew them to a trainstation, but the return home was so dangerous – night came so quickly and 30 minutes of the walk on the main highway with no glases, just try it sometimes, when the fog is falling…

Anyway, there was one great outcome from it. I´ve realized, that it´s so much important to do, what your mind says, when you ask „If you have to do something.“ I asked my mind what to take with – streak reflex – and i did not take it with. Do you remember scene from whatever movie, where someone loose his eyewear in the worst moment ever? Yes, that was me this sunday.

How comes! I am here and i am writing these lines. Someone found my eyewear so far from my common places i visit after a short walk, that´s even miracle, that they were founded!

So, don´t give up. That´s the message for coming week. Keep it in mind!

Yours sincerely

Rajneesh Pranapati, reiki master teacher