Thursday´s letter – 12.15.2016 – Busy, busy

Namasté friend,

where is the time, when „I´m busy“ was the correct answer for whatever question. Getting older with this sentence on the tongue – it´s not sexy at all. More older i am, i realize the fact my soul is forever young. So it start´s in my age of 35, i found. Hm, so soon, i said myself. My facial hair starts to be silver, i´m loosing my hair from my 28. Never knew that youth is going to leave me so quickly. Maybe i am wiser, i wonder. But than i do some really silly mistake, something so obvious, that i wonder – what i learnt!

So i´m busy busy in december, shooting the on-line seminary A year with tarot. And it´s a very nice and creative process. I enjoy it a lot. But to Christmas Eve i am not going to do anything else, just being with my nose in the tarot. So when someone ask me how does the tarot smell to me, i will tell the truth, because i am going to discover it…

I wish you for coming week to find the right smell of your life
and forget the bitter scent of doubts.

Yours sincerely

Rajneesh Pranapati, reiki master teacher

I just found out i forgot to send a letter last week, even it was written! I hope you will forgive me. Let me wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
I´m going to write you again in 12th january. Enjoy your holiday!