Thursday´s letter – 9.29.2016 – Namasté

Namasté my friend,

so this is my very first thursday´s letter for those, who are living so far from me, because we met each other in youtube world. There is a custom to me, that i´m writing letter every thursday to my clients in Czech and nowadays i got a feeling to start writing to you as well. I hope that it will be something unique for you.

I usually share my feelings and events of my life. But who knows, what will be on my mind, when i am going to write thee.

I was working very hard this week, so monday is something like hang over for me. I am just drinking hot tea, wearing white wollen pullover, it starts to be cold in here. Even it´s sunny outside and some work in the garden is still on schedule.

I was doing kind of revision of folders – to be more effective in coming months, when autumn is coming, i do not want to waste my time with searching for something, but i want to have the things close to my hands, so i can just easily take it or easily something to do.

To me something new is borning these days. I am checking out the clothes what i would like to wear, but how i see, i am becoming a fairytale creature, because i like colors a lot and movie style of clothing. I found blue eyewear online – definitly same as Meg Ryan had in one of her movies.

I bought boules for petanque, so i am going to play petanque for sure this autumn. Just me against me. There´s noone around, who would like to play with me. It´s the life in countryside.

I live in a beautiful place of meditation center run by my friend Kranti Niritya and her husband. But these days she is organizing  seminaries for a little amount of people during the weekend.
She invited me to do Art of dying with her again this autumn. It starts in the beginning of november and takes about 5 days. So therefore i have to do something more in the garden…

I shooted monthly reading this week, but i deleted it by mistake. Oups. And i´m just thinking if to shoot one from that moment, maybe everyone know, what to do. Maybe the inspiration came from different source.

Sometimes we think we are the owners of the inspiration, but we are not. Are we?
It´s no competition. I know it, because i wanted to start write a book this year and i got ideas for two. Two great ideas, but the second melted down very quickly, because i did not start to write even the first one story. It has to be about boys from Brassai Sámuel utca in Budapest. Story for children.

I thought it would be loverly to start writing in English as well, but because of my poor quality of this English´s art, i´ve decided to write these letters first to get more friendly with written form.

I´ve created the blog on my website in English language as well and i will put these letters there with one week pause, do you do not need to save these. And – if i have something special on my mind, it will be there, too.

I wish you very nice week and – i am going to write you next thursday morning.

With deep love

Yours sincerely
Rajneesh Pranapati, reiki master teacher